Steven came home from school not feeling well.

Within three weeks he'd lost 30 pounds and was being given Last Rites in the hospital.

We hope that you find information, inspiration, insight and even humor in this chronicle of one boy's journey with Crohn's Disease.

Welcome to Stevie's Story.

2017 Team Challenge Page

My 2017 Team Challenge Fundraising page is up and running. Please visit and make a donation if you are able. The strides being made in Crohn’s and IBD research are tremendous, and it’s so rare to be able to actually watch as giant strides are made in possible cures for a disease that affects your loved one, your family. Read more →

Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week — Day 7

  Feb. 2010 This was Steven’s first surgery. This is a diverting ileostomy, and is temporary. It’s the detaching of the small intestine from the colon, and pulling it to the outside of the body. This is/was done to try to give the colon a rest in hopes it could heal and repair itself so that removing the Colon would… Read more →

The Boston Train Story

December, 2013: I have this book that I’ve been writing that I’ll probably never publish. So as we wrap this week of Crohn’s & Colitis awareness, I wanted to share one of the stories. Long, yes, but… The more difficult years of Steven having Crohn’s disease are here, or not too far ahead of us. Girls and dating. Skins vs.… Read more →